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Bulk Email Marketing Service

Our impressive bulk email sending service features powerful, all-in-one email marketing software that's incredibly fast and effective. It allows businesses of all sizes to send electronic communications to any number of recipients without having to worry about ISP sending limits, and supports autoresponders that can be used to automatically manage email subscribers at any time in the future.

There are many limitations to using Outlook or other email clients for e-marketing. It is difficult to create a professional looking email that helps your subscribers take action, and you may breach the Spam Act legislation if you don't manage subscriptions properly. Sending to more than a couple of hundred contacts at once is near impossible, and what happens to your campaign after you press 'send'?

There are thousands of DIY email marketing sites out there but very few offer a full service where all you do is explain your needs and deliver the email list you need it sent to.

We do everything for you and then load into our own purpose buil emailer and presto it is done and you customer gets your message the way you hoped.

When you use us, you pay for just the features that you use. Our pricing model is based on the purchase of a minimum volume of 500 messages which can be used to send 1 email to all your contacts.

The minimum volume you can purchase for use within 1 month is 1500 email sends, costing $30 (AUD) +GST.

  • Small Email prep fee may apply.
  • No setup fee and no ongoing contracts!
  • The more emails you send, the cheaper it gets.
  • Easily add more emails during the month if you need extra.
  • Purchase an annual subscription and save approx. 2 months off the normal price.